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Why is Facebook not enough? Why do I need a website as well?

Facebook is a good social media tool but it does not replace the control and tailoring of appearance and message that an independant website affords.

There are some companies today who believe that with a Facebook page they do not need to put the effort into creating and maintaining their own website. They feel that they can safely leave the creation of their content to their customers or "friends". However your friends may not really be friends and at worst you leave yourself open to uncontrolled critique by the disgruntled and those who do not have the best interests of your company at heart. Even if you are not the victim of disgruntled friends, Facebook as a platform was designed as a social media platform and not as a commercial website. Consequently it does not lend itself to custom tailoring your appearance and content. You are very much constrained to the Facebook format and this limits the effectiveness of the message.

I am not suggesting that you close your Facebook account (even if you can) but I am saying use Facebook for what it is good for - creating a community. Create a website that represents your business - not a carbon copy of a social media blog which is essentially what Facebook is.

Don't depend on free blogging platforms as your total business web presence.

Remember that free services can be withdrawn without warning or recourse.

I know a company which had ten Wordpress blogs. One day without warning or explanation and after over a year using this service the blogs were simply closed with only the cryptic explanation for all to see that they had violated Wordpress Terms of Service. There was no reply from Wordpress when this business tried to make contact and find out more specifically what the problem was. If these blogs had been this business' only web presence, if they hadn't also spent time and money creating a rather killer website, they would have been in rather a bad place.

The lesson to be learned is "Never depend on third-parties who provide free services" as you have no recourse if they shutdown, change policies, or for any reason send you packing. You will have put in work creating content and have nothing, all for the saving of a few dollars and the perception that blogging is easier than creating and maintaining a website.

I have nothing against blogs - and I don't have anything against the Wordpress software either, but make sure that you have control. We can help you set up a blog that you will own and that won't disappear someday because a computer program has determined that you are breaking the rules. As we charge you, we owe you a duty of care and guarantee of continuity and fair practices.