Website Design

The first and most important element of your online presence is the website itself.


"A local answer to a Global Question"

Your website must meet the expectations and needs of those who are or would be your customers and clients. Further your website should meet at least the basic requirements for indexing and ranking with the major search engines.

What is a website?
A website is a collection of computer files that include text descriptions of your business and what you do (what you want to say) as well as scripts and markup language that are used by your computer to interpret how you want the information displayed on the visitor's screen and graphic and picture files that contain the photographs you want to display plus all the peripheral graphics that make the website appealing. These files are then uploaded to a web server, which is a computer that is attached to the internet and operated 24/7 thus giving the world access to these files. Lastly in order to make finding your website easier there is a domain name program eg:, that means that rather than having to remember a series of numbers called an IP address eg, you can create a user-friendly name in any of the top level domain registries such as .com, .net, .org etc and these registries forward visitors to your site ie they list your domain name against your IP address and seamlessly redirect visitors.

It is the job of your web designer to help you find a design that you like, using the information on your business that you supply create the copy that will become the content of your site and the message to your visitors as well as integrate both client supplied photography and stock photography to create a pleasing and appealing website that people will want to visit. Additionally your web developer will integrate third-party programs for specific functionality eg. Paypal, if you are wish to take credit card payments online, or to create such programming if it is not otherwise available.

In this way your web developer creates a site that is pleasing to view, easy to use and navigate, full of relevant useful information, as well as functional.

How do we Proceed? What is the creation process?

1. We will arrange to meet - you will bring in any printed materials you currently have for your business.

2. We will discuss what you are hoping to achieve through your new website. During this process you will decide if I am the designer that you want to work with.

3. Should you decide that you do want to work with me I will create a Quotation based on what we have discussed.

After accepting my price we will:

a) create a contract to formalize our duties, rights and obligations
b) I will take you through the Website Checklist, a document designed to help us collect the information we need to create your website
c) arrange payment of deposit
d) secure your domain name and setup an account on our server
e) look at sample designs that would be suitable for your website materials as you have submitted them. You will choose the design that you wish to use by browsing our inventory of "off-the-shelf" designs. If there is need for additional licensed media these will be previewed and chosen at this time.

All the above can be accomplished at our first meeting.

4. You work through the Website Checklist, emailing the information to me as you have it ready. I will organize and sort through your materials and determine the best display format for the information you have. Please ensure that you take the time to type information accurately as otherwise mistakes will appear in the final product. We set a target date to compile all materials so that I can start on the project.

5. Your work is done! I create your site. The site will be posted as we progress so you can follow the work online. If for any reason you have an issue with the job as it is taking shape it is imperative that you contact me immediately. Do not wait until the job is completed! Usually it takes me 2 weeks to complete a job but that is dependant on workload and the size and complexity of your site.

6. We will meet again at completion. I will answer any questions and show you any functionality that you need to be familiar with. At this time I will present an invoice for the balance owing and upon payment post the site live.