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Domains can be created under various registries including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO & .CA

Choosing a Domain Name!

What's in a Name?

When asking "What's in a Name" if that name is the domain name that you will be developing and promoting for the rest of your business life, quite a bit and your choice now is important for the future. Your choice of domain name should take into consideration:

a) choosing a domain name that includes keywords or a keyphrase that reflects your business and the type of internet search that you wish to be found under or alternatively your company name if it is widely know and would likely be the subject of searches. The later is particulary relevant if you are part of a larger entity such as a franchise.

b) the possibility of trademark infingement. Avoid using a name that is part of another company's trading name even if they havent registered it as a domain. Also be sure that in the case of using trademarked names or slogans that you are entitled to use them. Failure to observe these basic legal limitations can result in unwanted litigation and ultimate loss of your online identity.

c) memorability which is most likely to work best for you if the name you choose is short and relevant. Consider using TLDs other than .com - if the name you have in mind is taken as a .com it may be available as a .biz. More companies are taking all versions of a name when they find one they want so this is not always an option. However remember that .com is still the best known TLD.

d) the use of a Canadian registration, .CA if you wish to associate your company and product with Canada. This can be used for some purposes where there is a nationalistic focus, but may not be advisable when your site is aimed at an international audience.

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