Hosting your Site

Dedicated web serving for our clients means faster load times.


"A local answer to a Global Question"

Every website needs to be hosted. A web server (or host) is a computer, some especially designed for the purpose, others very similar to your desktop computer, that is connected to the internet and runs 24/7. These computers usually reside within datacentres which are large complexes located in areas throughout the world where there are multiple or redundant connections to the main backbone lines of the internet. Datacentres are built where several of these large internet backbones intersect, thus if one internet route becomes inoperable there are alternative ways to continue moving data in and out. What this means to you is that your website remains available to the world. Datacentres also employ other features to ensure that your webserver and therefore your website remain operational including climate control, security and power generation and backup for use during power outages.

Most web hosting companies co-locate their servers to datacentres and our server is located in a datacentre in Montreal. There is a staff on hand at these locations to swap out and physically repair servers that develop problems. Most web hosts will "guarantee" 99.9% uptime. The primary difference between hosting with any of the larger web hosts and having your web site hosted with us is that we host only our own web design clients. We have a few hundred client's sites on our server while most web hosts have thousands. This means that you have greater server resources available to your site and this means faster loading times. If your website doesn't load fast many visitors will simply leave. Additionally although we do use cPanel and can supply cPanel to those customers who are comfortable doing some of their own configuration, we generally keep a closer control on what happens on our server. By hosting with your webmaster and web designer you are creating a seamless support network, ie. you can call us for any and all your web related issues.

Web hosting plans are usually built into the cost and fees associated with your website. Our plans all feature:

  • Unlimited disk/storage space to house your website as we design it
  • Unlimited data transfer (ie. you will not pay extra when your website becomes more popular)
  • Unlimited email addresses, autoresponders, email forwarding etc
  • Unlimited FTP accounts and online file manager
  • Complete daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Complete logs and statistics
  • Full security inc. various filtering systems to keep out unwanted visitors
  • Spam Assassin and other spam prevention programs and techniques inc boxtrapper and formmail
  • As many and as large a database allowance as necessary for our web design