Keep it Fresh!

Fresh content and a changing face bring interest to your website both from visitors and search engines.


"A local answer to a Global Question"

Updating your Website!
It is important to keep the content of your website new and relevant. Stale, dedundant content and information will not create interest with your viewers and search engines do not index sites regularly if they find that nothing changes.

We provide change for your website in terms of fresh content using information gleaned through researching what's new in your industry, by you telling us what is new in your business and by re-aranging and refreshing the appearance of your content. Depending on your business this can be a once a month process, 2 or 3 times a year or perhaps just once every year. Whatever schedule of updating is decided it should be maintained and the "who, what, when" should form a part of your online business policy.

We can provide the mechanics of change for you ie. we will make all the changes as suggested by you alone or a combination of your input and regular updating of content through research on your subject or we can provide programming in the original website development that allows you to update and change information yourself.