What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of structuring your website for best ranking on Search Engines.

Gaining you internet exposure.

"A local answer to a Global Question"

It is pointless to have a website that no one ever visits. While high ranking on search engines is not a priority for some businesses due to the local nature of their business and the fact that they are well known and would be searched for by name, for at least 50% of all companies having their website rank high on search engines such as (and especially) Google can be make-or-break for their business.

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and it can be divided into 2 distinct parts. The first aspect of SEO is performed onsite. When a site is first developed it is usually written entirely for those people we imagine will be the site's visitors ie your clients and customers. Later when we are re-writing for the purposes of SEO we write copy based on relevant keywords. We first determine those keywords that you believe will bring potential buyers to your site. There are a number of online tools to help us determine those keywords that are both relevant and often searched. We use these keywords in the new revised text of our website, attempting to integrate the words in various forms while still keeping the integrity of the message. That is why SEO requires the use of skilled copyrighters.

The second and equally important aspect of SEO is the creation of link campaigns to bring links into (or leading to) your website. Not only can these bring traffic but they are used by most search engines almost as "votes" for your site. In general the more relevant (and I stress relevant) links that are incoming to your site, the higher your site is likely to rank in your desired searches, providing you do not fall into the many traps that can lead your site to becoming blacklisted. That is where experienced SEO technicians come into play. We get you links in "good neighbourhoods" so that you don't get a bad online reputation with search providers.

A third area of SEO that is becoming more important is social media. This can include Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites as well as bookmarking sites like Digg and Del.icio.us. Google has launched its own social media site and this is likely to become important considering it is part of the largest and most popular search engine.

In addition to SEO we offer SEM or "Search Engine Marketing" services that make use of the pay-per-click programs offered most notably by Google through their AdWords program but also by Facebook and other major search engines and social media sites. These programs are designed to target your audience and tweak your message to suit the viewer and his/her interest. A primary advantage of this type of advertsing is that unlike newspapers, radio and TV you pay only when a viewer clicks on your link and visits your website. This is the only type of advertising I know where you pay only for success.

How you spend your internet advertising and development dollars is important. We can assist you in a number of ways to apportion your budget and strike a balance between building your site reputation and ranking including reciprocal and one-way link campaigns, on-site optimization and social media management which is a long-term investment in your sites value with pay-per-click and other SEM opportunities which are more immediate. Give us a call and setup a meeting and we will be happy to go over your site and make recommendations.