What We Do?

Let's have a look at what we can do for you. Below you can peruse a short-list of some of the services we can provide.


"A local answer to a Global Question"

Visit our store to browse our pre-made website designs or sit down and we will work out your needs. We are experts in our field and can create a website for any purpose. Some websites are comparable in the material world with a brochure, others are very simple and are more like a business card, while still others are like an online catalog. Some businesses want their customers to be able to buy online with a credit card and in the case of digital content to deliver the product immediately. Whatever your needs - whatever your expectations - PEIWEBDESIGN.COM can help you realize your needs!
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Domain names are often though of only as .com's. Registries such as .com are operated at country level and .com is an American TLD (top level domain). We register the major U.S. TLD's including, .COM, .INFO, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG as well as .CA our own Canadian TLD. CA which is administered by CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) is a viable choice when your site is more national, .COM and other U.S. TLDs are best for sites which contain subject matter that extends beyond Canada.
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We are serious about providing top of the line web hosting to our clients. In this way we provide a consistent seamless service and one-stop support. Our server is dedicated to just hosting our web design clients. It is a robust Linux system in a state of the art datacentre located in Montreal with multiple, redundant connections to the internet backbone, climate control, security and power interuption backup. While we host a few hundred client sites on our server, other hosting companies host thousands of sites on a server. This means better quality hosting and faster website load times.
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The nature of your online presence (website) is that unlike printed materials your message is easily changed. We can setup sites that offer client content control so that you can make necessary changes and the advisability of such a system is dependant on your staff and their comfort level with the web and their ability to create suitable content. Should you wish we can look after all necessary changes to your site on monthly contract, suitable for those making frequent changes or on a 'per occasion' basis for those who change their site less frequently.
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Search Engine Optimization is the process of insuring that the search engines can read your site and index it correctly. It is not about "spamming" or "cheating" the search engines as they will find you out and punish you by dropping your listing and/or position. We use only "whitehat" methods that are consistent with search engine policy. All the sites we produce are considered for Search Engine Optimization and a certain amount of SEO has been performed on all sites before delivery.
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and MUCH MORE...
We can in co-operation with our off-shore partners provide a diverse portfolio of services. We can handle any web or programming based projects
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